Business focused social media site is “getting so complicated,” says Michael Yublosky. But in the next breath, he adds: “There are so many things you can do (LinkedIn) is a much more effective tool.”.

Relevant things to do “in the target market. Has more tools that people use to connect to,” says the head Yublosky JEM Consulting, Buffalo Grove.

Heading towards its tenth anniversary in May, more than 200 million members around the world – most of which are outside of the United States -. LinkedIn really made a lot of changes, “They threw a lot of old applications,” says Yublosky. “You try, people in groups, where it is easier to push the online network.”

This is an opportunity for small businesses, online business, which is something that is Yublosky evangelist when it comes to opportunities to build on LinkedIn. When you are talking with your entry photos that are likely to require some changes, if you are willing to take advantage of target marketing Yublosky says it is.

“This is called prospecting, Jim,” says Yublosky. “You can not sell on LinkedIn. You see, to create the relationship. Is” What can I do for you? What we can do? ‘

It is easy to Yublosky says: “Go on LinkedIn and Coffee or make Skype conference call.”

This first-level connections that you have built up as a religious “is not really that important,” says Yublosky. “This is the second level, you will get new opportunities in their community.”

Yublosky process begins with a look at his LinkedIn profile. “Fill it up,” he says. “Put your phone contact list to address personalization LinkedIn LinkedIn to the company – … and use it to attach photos and videos, upload files from other people to download ..

“The reason is to allow people to decorate their entry for more information about the brand itself,” continues Yublosky. “We have to write your own media, our own PR.

“You want to know the people around you. Show me your professionalism. Show me your skills.”

Easier than LinkedIn, join local or shared interest groups, suggests Yublosky create your own discussion group. “Creating your own discussion group limited company, your business. Invite (if necessary) to connect with people, and e-mail (yarn) to them. Weekly”

Yublosky says that only about 10 percent of the LinkedIn discussion groups to show a lot of action, although he added: “This is your team you are the owner.” And you can manage the discussion, as you choose.

LinkedIn last year, a number of recommendations to facilitate assembly. LinkedIn actually asking, offer suggestions of people on your contact list – something you can do now with one click instead of point – to have regular experience.