Most people can not live without Facebook – Facebook page, but what happens when live longer? New Hampshire and other states are trying to figure out the other.

State Rep. Peter Sullivan has introduced legislation, the implementing body to control real estate social networking site dead. Last week, the New Hampshire House of Representatives votes 222-128 to Sullivan, more time to write an amendment to the study begins.

Bill makes Sullivan, a Democrat from Manchester, will allow control of anyone on Facebook, Twitter and other accounts, such as Gmail forwarding the application to real estate after the death of the body.

According to Sullivan, visit her bill would close the gap between policies on social media sites are related to the users afterwards. He said the bills to protect the people who have suffered loss.

“It would give families a sense of closure, no sense of peace. This would help to prevent such bullying that continues even after someone dies and no one really damage it.”

In the interview, WMUR, Sullivan, a young Canadian girl who committed suicide because of bullying. When he died taunting continued his Facebook page.

The family could not do anything, they do not have access to his account. “Sullivan said.” They could not go in and remove these comments, and they were unable to take down the page. ‘

In five cases, the state, such as Oklahoma, Idaho, Rhode Island, Indiana and Connecticut, have created legislation regulating their digital death. Rhode Island and Connecticut were the first, but their bills were limited to the scope of the e-mail, without social networking sites.