Sedeinga graves were discovered in the Sudan, a place closely together with a group of at least 35 small pyramid.

Discovered in 2009 and 2012, the researchers are surprised how the pyramids are densely concentrated. In a field season in 2011, the research team about 13 5.381 (500 m2) ft2, or slightly larger than an NBA basketball court packed pyramid discovered.

They date back to the year 2000 around the time when the Kingdom of Kush in Sudan flourishing. Sage shares a border with Egypt, and later in the Roman Empire. People desire to build the Kingdom pyramids were apparently affected by Egyptian funerary architecture.

Sedeinga scientists say, pyramid building continued for centuries. “Density is huge pyramid” LiveScience in an interview with researcher Vincent Francigny, a researcher with the American Museum of Natural History in New York said.

“Given that it took hundreds of years to create more, for centuries, and still Necropolis pyramids that were available in all the spaces began to fill.”
This aerial photo pyramids and tombs, archaeologists in Sudan Sedeinga team discovered a series of shows. Since 2009, the site at least 35 small pyramid, 22 feet in width (7 m) being the largest appeared.
The discovery of the largest pyramid, 22 (7), with examples of small feet wide at their base, probably made at the funeral of a child, only 30 inches (750 mm) long. Is not attached to the top of the pyramid, the time and a camel caravan route in the presence of damage to the monuments of the passage. Francigny the capstone on top was decorated either a bird or a lotus flower show at the top of the solar field.

The building continued, until finally, they ran out of room to build pyramids. “The point where it was very crowded and oldest tombs that you must reapply came to,” Francigny said.

Francigny, French Archaeological Mission Sedeinga, director of the excavation team that made the discovery. He and a team leader Claude Rilly Sudan and Nubia in the latest edition published an article detailing the results of 2011 field season.

Many searches an internal (circular structure) associated with dome with cross braces to the corners of the pyramid pyramids were designed. Rilly said in his article that the pyramid structure and Francigny “French formal garden looks like.”

Out Sedeinga known only in a pyramid, has been manufactured in this way, and it was designed as a mystery why people are fond Sedeinga. Rilly Francigny and write “either power or external component appearance [] monument.”

Francigny search can provide guidance in 2012, said in an interview. “What we found is very interesting this year,” he said. “Children’s Tomb, and it’s only a few of the circle is almost complete, was covered with bricks.” It can be said that the pyramid building came into vogue in Sedeinga called the local building traditions Circle Mound building, which was in conjunction with the pyramid with the circles can.

Pyramids in ancient times the mass grave next to or open them when archaeologists were plundered. Researchers skeleton and in some cases, have found artifacts.

One of the most exciting new discoveries in the search for the remains of the pyramid was a victim of the table.