Increased growth in the number of women who started smoking in the 1960s and 1970s shows, experts say.In 2013, some 82 640 European women die from lung cancer, while 88 886 will die from breast cancer.

And in 2015, the balance will be transferred and lung cancer, according to Professor Carlo La Vecchia and colleagues will lead.France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain and the UK – they (27 Member States in 2007) and six different countries in the European Union as a whole for all types of cancer seen in cancer, and stomach personally , intestine, pancreas, lung, prostate, breast, uterus (including the cervix), and leukemia.

Statistics show that more and more people with cancer live longer because they are – Overall, fewer are dying from the disease.

“Smoking and diabetes make up about a third of cases, but we do not know what causes most of the rest.

“But for lung cancer, we expect mortality, which in 2020 or around 2025 that the new generation of women is less smoke.”

“This is how we prevent, diagnose and treat cancer and shows that, based on research about what we know to make inroads against the disease shows improvement.

“But deaths from lung cancer in women is on the increase, reflecting the rate of smoking in the past decades, and sadly most of these deaths can be avoided.

“Every year in the UK alone 157,000 children start smoking, should we try to stop the tide.”