From the piano and violin, seven years seems permanent changes in the brain that are associated with better motor skills. These changes in brain development is not for people who play an instrument when they are older seem to learn a new study.

“What do you think it is not, you can not be an amazing musician, if you start later – only that it may begin earlier if some of these specific skills that are useful,” said Virginia Penhune one Concordia University psychologists, who co-authored research and two of his graduate students and McGill University neuropsychologist Robert Zatorre.

Montreal researchers gave test fine motor skills and scanned the brains of 36 musicians who either enrolled in the Faculty of Music has made or professionally, and average 16 years of experience playing musical instruments needed.

Half of them began her musical education at the age of three to seven while the other half began at the age of eight and 18, but both groups had similar levels of zkušeností.Studie tested 17 non-musicians.

Those who began his musical education at a younger age, is better than those who began their musical training later, which in turn better than non-musicians in the test, which included mice in response to a series of lines on the screen, they look like Morse code.

“It’s really looking at their ability to combine visual and motor responses and be really precise in terms of timing,” said Penhune noted that some of these skills are used in music, but the task itself is not a musical.