Ancient languages, one of which developed our proto languages ​​- Scientists software that can recover proto languages ​​have created. 

To test the system, the team took 637 languages ​​currently spoken in the Asia-Pacific region, and restored early language development from which it is derived.

The work is published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science.

Currently done by linguists linguistic reconstruction – but the process is slow and tedious.

Dan Klein, a professor at the University of California, Berkeley, said: “It’s very time consuming for people to all data There are thousands of languages ​​in the world to look, with thousands of words ever, not all of them to mention ancestors of these Languages ​​.. ”

“That would be hundreds of lives on pores in all the languages, cross-referencing all the different changes that have taken place in such a region of space – is a time, but that’s where the computer shine..”
Sound changes are almost always regular … so the designs for the man or the machine can be found on the left ‘

Dr. Dan Small
University of California, Berkeley
More than a thousand years small changes mean in the way that we produce sounds languages ​​that soon turned many descendants.

Dr. Klein explained: “These changes in the sound are almost always on a regular basis, with changes similar words in a similar manner, so that patterns can be left for the human or the computer can find it.

“The trick is to make these patterns of change and the identification of” reverse “is essentially saying it will return in time.”

Scientists have a system in view of the Austronesian family of languages ​​that are currently spoken in Southeast Asia, demonstrating parts of continental Asia and the Pacific.

142 000 from the database of words, the system has been derived in the rest position, in the early language from which modern languages. Scientists believe that we are talking about 7000 years ago.

Then the findings on these computational linguists comparison found that 85% of the first words that the software in a “character” presents -. Or sound – of the words that linguistic experts identified
But while the computer was much faster method, the researchers said it would put experts on the labor market.

Software through large amounts of data quickly churn, but it has the same accuracy as a linguist by many experts.

Dr. Klein said, “Our system still has shortcomings, for example, can not by morphological changes or re-duplication – like the word” “will” cat kitty-cat “..

“On a deeper level, our system is unable to explain why or how certain changes have occurred, only that it is likely to happen.”

While researchers are reconstructing languages ​​from thousands of years in the position, it is still a question mark over whether it was possible to go on to very first proto-language, from which all other developed again.