Much has been written about TV Push Intel, but the company has largely kept silent – until today.
Erik huggers, head of Intel Media, joined Walt Mossberg onstage to AllThingsD’s media conference to confirm that Intel will introduce the Internet and television service boxes this year.
Intel will provide hardware and services directly to consumers, and the box comes with a camera that is able to find out who is in front of the TV. Huggers declined to provide many details – including service name and program partners – but said the service will allow users to watch live TV, on demand, and more.

“The first time we deliver … a new consumer electronics product that people will buy from Intel with a new brand,” said huggers.

He said that the set-top box will be powered by Intel chips (of course), and said that Intel is working with the entire television industry to figure out how to distribute live TV, “catch-up TV”, on-demand and other services through internet.

“Ultimately, we think that it is an all-in-one solution,” said huggers.
Although Intel hopes that the revolution in the television industry, the service will look like the existing cable supply in some key respects. For one, do not count on saving money with a new offer Intel. Intel noted huggers push the value is not a game and not be cut by television bill in half.

In addition, users will be able to select some channels, but it will probably log into bundles curator team of Intel.
“What consumers want is choice, control and convenience,” said huggers. “If the volumes are directly linked, there is real value in that …. I do not believe industry is ready to clean a la carte.”