When it comes to looking thin, it seems that some women will just go to any extent to shift a few kilograms – except go on a diet.

According to a study, two-thirds of women feel they could do with losing weight but don’t have the time or the inclination to diet.

Instead they try tricks like wearing black, applying fake tan and carrying an oversized handbag to look slimmer, the Daily Mail reported.

But the most popular trick was wearing a control underwear.

The survey of 2,000 women found, that other tricks that women used included donning stilettos to add height and wearing big sunglasses to make their face seem smaller

Long tops to cover rolls of fat, big belts and high-waisted trousers are worn by many women so that they can make themselves appear slimmer.

The study, conducted by online retailer Marisota, found that 11 percent of women use excess make-up to draw attention away from their body.

More unconventional tricks were wearing a padded bra to give the illusion of a big bust and a small waist, constantly breathing in and trying to continually stand-up straight

Twenty seven percent women said that they bought dresses that are too small so they could say that they fitted in a certain size.

The tricks that women use to look thinner are:

1. Wearing shape wear underwear

2. Wearing black

3. Long tops to cover tummy and bum

4. Wearing high heels

5. Breathing in

6. Standing-up straighter

7. Wearing a padded bra to make your boobs look bigger and waist look smaller

8. Wearing a baggy top

9. Wearing horizontal stripes to elongate your figure

10. Not eating on the day of the event you want to look thin for

11. Applying fake tan

12. Wearing a big belt

13. Wearing high-waisted jeans or trousers

14. Standing in between people for photos

15. Carrying a big handbag

16. Wearing tights

17. Hanging out with friends that are fatter than you

18. Putting your hair up to make yourself appear taller

19. Creating big hair to overshadow your figure

20. Applying heavy make-up to draw attention to your face not body

21. Wearing massive sunglasses to make your face seem smaller