t’s about time we got paid for watching ads. The Indiegogo project for SmartAds today announced its intentions to pay smartphone and tablet users up to $25 per device per month to be served on the lock screen of their devices. If you have both a tablet and a phone, you could make as much as $50 each month.

The company, which plans to go public in the middle of this month, is starting with a free Android app that will be smart enough to target ads based on your interests and geographic location. SmartAds claims the ads will be “creative” and “minimalistic.” If you find a particular ad offensive or unappealing you can close the ad to reveal your normal lock screen. If you love an ad, you can click for more info, buy the product/service or share the deal with friends.

“We are extremely excited to launch this new application to the public,” said founder of SmartAds Elijah Cusack. “SmartAds will revolutionize the way marketers advertise to mobile users and the way end users will experience mobile advertising.”