One of the biggest changes is the placement of the privacy settings. Originally on the top right of your screen when you log in, the new privacy settings have since moved to the top left of the new News Feed, next to your name. It’s now an icon of a lock, as shown above.

By clicking on that little lock, you’ll be able to access the same basic privacy features as you did before.

There are a couple reasons to manage your privacy settings, the largest of which is that Facebook is also rolling out its new search engine, Graph Search. That makes it easier to find out more information about you — assuming you’ve shared it publicly. You’ll want to manage the information you share only with your friends, and what’s publicly available.

For example, if you search “photos of me,” it will show photos that are publicly available — whether you’ve hidden them from your timeline or not, or whether a friend has posted them.



In the privacy settings, you can view how your entries and posts with you tagged in them are shared with Facebook’s activity log. You you can access this setting through the privacy drop-down menu on the right toolbox of the new News Feed. It’ll look something like this photo.

The new News Feed is designed to remove clutter from Facebook’s pages and also provide a consistent user experience when jumping from desktop to mobile — meaning it will look the same on your phone and tablet.

If you haven’t been given access to the new News Feed, don’t fret — you can still sign up for the waitlist to get access to it. Facebook has already started the roll-out, though it will take a couple weeks before it shows up on mobile devices