Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) had confirmed that spacecraft to Mars. The Chairman K.Radhakrishnan said that India will receive satellite and its related instruments and parts for India’s Mars Orbiter by the end of this March,2013 and This spacecraft will be launched on 27th November,2013.

Mars is an estimated distance 54.6 million kilometers(Around 5.4 crore Km) from Earth. ISRO Spacecraft will be reached after nine month from launching. Means it will reach August,2014.

The chairman also mentioned that the preparations are going on at a fast pace at the Master Control Facility (MCF) in Hassan in Karnataka and also at the Deep Space Network (DSN) at Bylalu, which is 35 Km from Bangalore.

This spacecraft will carry nine scientific instruments and will have a scientific agenda to figure out sustainable life on Mars surface. It will also study the Mars atmosphere which is very important for this purpose.

This orbiter will be placed in an orbit of 371 x 80,000 km around Mars and will carry 14.49 Kg of scientific instruments. It was initially planned for 25 kg however it was later reduced to 14.49 kg of load.

We hope that ISRO spacecraft will be find new things on Mars as well as ISRO discovered water on Moon.