The third party messaging platform, Nimbuzz, recently announced that it has crossed over 150 million users across the globe. This app requires a data connection and has been used widely for instant messaging services on mobile devices.

Nimbuzz provides a common platform to use VoIP calling services as well as instant messaging services via different client for free. According to the data revealed by the company it has its strongest user base in Asia with 37 million users in the Middle east and over 41 million in rest of Asia including India. India by itself contributes to 25 percent of its global user base.

In Africa it has 16 million users, in Europe it stands at 10 million users and in the US it has 9 million users. Of all the users, 35 percent use Android devices and it also makes Android the most successful platform for Nimbuzz.

According to the company, it is witnessing a 100 percent year on year growth as it had reached 50 million users in August 2011 and then 100 million users in August 2012. It has mentioned that it is recording more than 210,000 new registrations per day.