Lucas Baier,27,  whose appearance has been likened to the Russian President, presented the ID card during a train journey from Salzburg to Munich.

According to the Daily Mail, he said: “I was always being ribbed about it.

“On holiday I saw a realistic looking driving licence in his name, so I snapped it up.”

However, the inspector didn’t necessarily see the funny side, and confiscated the driving licence.

The ID was passed to the Latvian authorities, who confirmed it was a “realistic forgery”.

Latvian traffic authorities dismissed any notion the card had been originally owned by the Russian leader.

“Every licence issued in Latvia is recorded in an official register and has a unique number,” they said.


Mr Baier’s attempt to pass himself off as Putin left him with a caution and a warning from police that he would be heavily fined should he continue to use fake IDs.

Mr Putin attempted to laugh off the incident, saying he “liked” it.