Yelp has launched the “Yelp Wordmap,” a heatmap showing the density of various words used in over 39 million Yelp reviews in 14 popular cities. It’s a very handy tool for finding outdoor seating, bacon, cocktails and… best of all, an incredibly accurate heatmap of where all the mustache loving, scarf wearing, PBR drinking hipsters live in 14 major cities across the globe. Looks like our homebase of Jersey City, NJ made the map with a small but every expanding red blob. For better or worse the hipster revolution is coming.

Yelp has just rolled out a series of “wordmaps” playing with this idea. Across 14 cities, they’ve generated heat maps of words commonly cited in local reviews: dim sum in San Francisco,poutine in Torontohoagies in Philadelphia (shown above). Maybe you just want to stroll around looking for romance in Los Angeles, instead of booking a table ahead of time.