Does your cell phone discharging battery power within few hours ? Dont worry a new prototype charger has been explained that charge a phone battery 0% to 100% withing 30 seconds.

An Israeli firm StoreDot Introduced this prototype charger at Microsoft’s Conference in Tel Aviv(Israel). StoreDot has only developed the prototype charger for the Samsung Galaxy S4; however the company has plans to make chargers for more smartphones.

StoreDot’s prototype charger is expected to cost twice that of a regular charger, up to $30 and is likely to go under commercial production for late 2016.

StoreDot began life in Tel Aviv University’s nanotechnology department. Initially, its focus was on researching Alzheimer’s disease, but the company is now more technologically-orientated, and is also investigating the possibilty of using its crystals as an alternative to cadmium in screens as well as in memory drives.