Iphones,Ipads and other gadgets have become our part of life. So Gadget companies decided to launch luxury gadgets to rich people. Here are 5 most expensive gadgets in the world, these devices are made by gold,platinum and diamonds.

iPhone 5($15 million)

This iPhone made by 135 gram 24 carat gold,600 white diamonds,53 gems for Apple logo and sapphire in the screen. This iPhone also have black deep-cut diamond on the home button




iPad 2 ($7.8 million)
Luxury product maker Stuart Hughes has created an iPad 2 that boasts of the shavings of the bone of a 65 million-year-old T-Rex dinosaur. That’s not all. The device’s front frame is made using Ammolite, the oldest rock in the world, dated as many as 75 million years back. This gadget is also encrusted with 53 flawless diamonds, weighing 12.5-carat. The back panel as well.



Hart Audio D&W Aural Pleasure loudspeakers – $4.7 million
The most expensive pair of speakers in the world was made by Hart Audio in 2012 as part of its Aural Pleasure range. Priced at $4.7 million, there is only one pair available in the world, made of 18-carat gold. Five sets of silver speakers were also made, costing $315,000. The solid phosphor bronze speakers are priced at $63,000, with stocks limited to a total of 99 pairs.



Camael Diamonds iPad – $1.2 million
This gadget is crafted with 18-carat gold and has 300-carat diamonds on the back. The Home button in the front and the Apple logo on the back are made using black diamonds. Made by Camael London, this gadget weighs over 1kg.


Macbook Air Supreme Platinum Edition – $500,000
Apple products are among the most expensive in the world and luxury brands are taking it a notch up. Not just iPhones and iPads, but Macbook laptops have also undergone the luxury treatment. MacBook Air Supreme Platinum Edition is made using platinum weighing a massive 7kg, with only five units available across the world.