Cisco and Juniper tech companies have informed that dozens of networking devices affected by Hearbleed bug. Servers,Routers,switches and cam used by small and large devices affected by this heartbleed bug around worldwide.

Now-a-days all of your emails and voicemails sessions at your desktop or mobiles. You dont know if you were hacked by this heartbleed.

“That’s why this is being dubbed the biggest exploit of the last 12 years. It’s so big and encompassing,” said Sam Bowling, Singlehop hosting engineer.

SilverSky and Singlehop provided actually which type of devices are affected by this bug.

1) Work Phone: Four type of Cisco IP phones were affected. Someone could use phone’s memory by this heartbleed. Hacker can access your conversations,voicemail password and call logs.
2)Virtual Private Network (VPN) : Hackers can access email,banking and social media’s sessions by virtual private networks.
3)SmartPhones: Smartphone’s apps are affected by this bug. For example, to employees access their official work files, some apps like that Cisco’s Anyconnect Secure Mobility Client app for iOS are affected by Heartbleed bug.
4)Switches: One type of Cisco software that runs Internet switches is at risk by this Heartbleedbug.