If you’re a serious Twitter or Facebook user, you need to know that how many social media tools are track your activity’s performance online.

ThinkUp is a social media analytics tool give you meaningful information about your social media accounts and shareing posts are performing.


ThinkUp provide real-time about your twitter and facebook accounts. This tool also give spits out beautiful desinged data on the screen.

There’s basic milestones, such as highlighted events in which tweets performed better than your average and deeper information, such as when the best time of day is for tweeting to my followers for engagement and information on just how much time I’ve spent tweeting.

The information ThinkUp provides is valuable (but perhaps a little basic at the moment) for determining just how well your tweets are doing. One of the more interesting stats is an update that appears when you retweet a viral tweet that tells you just how far you amplified that particular tweet.



ThinkUp charts your replies and retweets, followers, friends, likes, and list membership over time.




See how far a retweet or share of your post traveled


ThinkUp uses the Google Maps API to geo-encode posts, replies, and retweets/reshares and displays on them on an interactive map.


The service is still in its early days, so despite its basic feature set right now, we expect to see it built out over the next year. Anyone can sign up for a ThinkUpaccount now that the service has exited private beta, although there’s no free trial.