A lot of large businesses are becoming aware of world-leading eco-friendly practices to minimize the negative impacts they have on the environment. You could be a webmaster or an Internet hustler who is doing something to the best of your abilities to live your life as your wish, and might fancy that you are not doing any harm to the environment just sitting at your home office and working online.

But the Internet is not as green as people like to think it is. According to a study conducted by McKinsy & Co., data centers across the globe will be contributing more greenhouse gases than the airline industry before 2020. A lot of energy is required to power the servers that keep you connected to your clients; help you get your job done on the Internet; keep your websites online; and help you live your dream life. So it is your responsibility to make the Internet greener? One of the best ways to go green if you are running an online business is to use eco-friendly web hosting.

What is green web hosting?

As more and more users and website owners are becoming eco-savvy, a lot of web hosting companies are becoming eco-friendly. Green hosting is not just about powering the data center with clean energy resources like wind, solar or geothermal energy, it also about planting trees and different kinds of flora around the data centers. Green hosting companies want to market their service to green consumers who are concerned about the environment.

Climate Change

This is probably one of the more hotly debated subjects among a lot of people these days. Mainstream science is quite certain that global warming and climate change is a real thing. A lot of scientific studies show that global warming is going to have adverse effects on our planet in the years to come. With electricity expenses to power all the data centers around the planet surpassing a whopping 7 billion US dollars annually, green hosting is a serious alternative to hosting providers powered by the grid.


There is a great misconception among online business owners and individuals that green hosting is expensive when compared to regular hosting. However, the truth is you can find a reliable green webhosting provider cheaper than regular hosting. It might cost a hosting company a good amount of money to completely go green, but once the wind turbines are erected and solar panels are in place, the overhead (running expense) becomes much less, because wind and sunlight are free. (Duh)! This means savings. You can also write off the hosting cost for tax purposes since you are using a green service.


Finally, you can take pride in using a green and sustainable energy source. You will also come to a realization that your online business does not have to rely on dubious political deals and unsustainable infrastructure by using a service that is not powered by the grid. Going green is also a new form of minimalism and an oath to keep Mother Earth clean and safe for not only us, but also for future generations.