Indian batsman Yuvraj Singh said it was difficult to cope with the World Twenty20 final defeat against Sri Lanka but he was learning to take disappointments in his stride.
India had reached the summit clash of the tournament unbeaten but failed to cap the brilliant campaign with a win.
“A match like the finals always left feelings of ‘so near yet so far’, but as sportsmen they need to overcome these emotions quickly and face next challenge,” he said in an interview to the Royal Challenger Bangalore’s official website.
“As a team we played a fantastic tournament and displayed emphatic cricket all around. But in the finals thing did not go the way we planned and it’s not easy to overcome that disappointment,” he said.
Yuvraj said in his younger days, one of his coaches told him that as a sportsperson one should be able to handle both the success and the defeats alike.“That’s what I want to do,” he said.
Yuvraj said he is thrilled to be a part of RCB and hoped it would be a memorable season for the side. He said most of the team mates got a short but very refreshing break after the World T20 and they are ready for the next 50 days.
He said the last few days have given the team ample time to be with each other and figure out combinations.
“We had some very useful practice sessions and that has given use fair idea about our strategies and game plans,” he added.