Bonnita Chatterjee is the spoilt daughter of rich businessman Bharat Kaul. Her life revolves around movies. Apart from having larger-than-life ‘filmy’ expectations from life, she never fails to amaze by drawing parallels of her life to all kinds of movies. When her father fixes her match with a perfect bachelor, she decides to run and embark on a journey to find her ‘hero’. But, Bonnie, as she is called by her friends and relatives, has no idea that life away from the cocooned shelter of home can be so trying.

In order to give the police a slip, she ends up marrying a village boy, Shekhar, in a community marriage organized by an NGO. All hell breaks loose when she ultimately realizes the gravity of the situation and tries to run away from the repercussions. Will she be able to turn her life around? Or will she have to settle for Shekhar, who, now is her husband? How will her family react to the news? How will Bonnie and Shekhar’s life pan out after this event?

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