The Google self driving car project to take training for capture street view for google maps.

Google is developing its cars to navigate the streets of Mountain View, overcoming new obstacles like bike and cycle riders, lane crossing and holding sign like stop.

“A mile of city driving is much more complex than a mile of freeway driving, with hundreds of different objects moving according to different rules of the road in a small area,”


“We’ve improved our software so it can detect hundreds of distinct objects simultaneously—pedestrians, buses, a stop sign held up by a crossing guard, or a cyclist making gestures that indicate a possible turn. A self-driving vehicle can pay attention to all of these things in a way that a human physically can’t—and it never gets tired or distracted.”

Chris Urmson, director of the project, writes in the post.

The Google cars drive itself, but a driver must be in driving seat to take action if any go wrong. Google co-founder Sergey Brin said in 2012 you could “count on one hand the number of years until people, ordinary people, can experience this,” according to the Associated Press.