An British aerospace plane was forced to landing at Perth domestice airport(Australia),while engine got flames from just take off.

A British Aerospace 146 aeroplane operated by Cobham Aviation Services. The plane full of 92 passenger took off at 10.30 from Perth Domestice Airport, Australia. After few minutes from took off engine no.2 caught fire. But the plane managed to turn around and land safely. An investigation is underway into how the engine caught fire.

“The aircraft was climbing after take-off when the fire occurred in engine No. 2, which is on the port side of the aircraft,” says a company spokesman. “When the fire was detected, the engine was shut down and the fire extinguished.”

Passenger Jason Grimmett said the incident happened about 10 minutes after the plane took off.

“I was sitting right next to the engine, it looks like something blew outside the engine,” he said.

“Fuel started spewing out, caught alight – there was a bit of panic on board but the pilots were quite quick to react and cut fuel lines and then put it out.

“So we just turned around and came back in.”

Mr Grimmett said most passengers remained calm as the four-engine plane returned to the terminal.

No passengers were injured during the incident which is now being investigated by Australian authorities.