Air India flight service ready to join with world’s popular airlines company of Star Alliance,coming July.The move, according to AI CMD Rohit Nandan, will bring immense benefits to Indian fliers from day one as they will be able to earn-and-burn miles, get access to lounges across the globe and enjoy seamless connectivity across the globe.

This was announced here by Star Alliance Services GmbH CEO Mark Schwab in the presence of Air India CMD Rohit Nandan, who told reporters that almost all the minimum requirements for joining have been met and the remaining ones would be completed by the second half of May.

“Once all airline endorse the move, AI should be in Star by July. We conducted a safety review of AI and are very pleased with the results. We are very happy with the progress made by AI,” the CEO said.

Star Alliance, with 26 member airlines has 18,043 departures according to its website. The alliance’s airlines connect 193 countries and carry nearly 637 million passengers per year. Air India has posted continuous losses since 2007 though losses have come down in the last couple of years. Star Alliance’ members include Singapore Airlines, Lufthansa and Turkish Airlines.

Star Alliance is the largest of three global alliances, the other two being Oneworld and Sky Team. The alliance has a 26% market share, Sky Team has a 20%, while Oneworld has a 16 per cent share. In the next coming months, because of recent global mergers, its market share will fall to 23% while OneWorld will increase to 20%.