Facebook announced to the trust of their billion users by providing new controls on how much information is shared.Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg introduced that people will be able to use applications anonymously at Facebook apps.

Mark Zuckerberg announced the changes, along with moves to make Facebook a more stable platform for applications, at the social network’s sold-out f8 developers conference.

“By giving people more power and control, they are going to trust all the apps we build more and over time use them more,” Zuckerberg told.

“That is positive for everyone.” In a statement Facebook explained its new “Anonymous Login” as an easy way for people to try an app without sharing personal information from Facebook..

“People tell us they’re sometimes worried about sharing information with apps and want more choice and control over what personal information apps receive,” the company said. “Today’s announcements put power and control squarely in people’s hands.”

Facebook also redesigned dashboard to provide users manager or remove third party apps in coming weeks.