The Information Reports says that the company will relplace Google Nexus with Android Silver Smartphones.

Google will retain control over the software sides across devices regardless of smart phone producer. This is in line with Google wanting a greater say in how Android looks in OEM devices. One of the requirements, according to The Information, is that manufacturers limit the number of non-stock apps they load on to the device, or allow users to remove them.

Few months ago, we heard Google focused some of the new User Interface (UI) in Samsung’s TouchWiz,which prompted the company to ask the Korean manufacturer to scale back the customizations. Google reported to manufacturers to make devices runs Android and the latest version of the OS. You can notify “Powered by Android” in Samsung Galaxy S5.

Motorola and LG have been signed as hardware parters for Android Silver Smartphones. But other major android manufacturers of Samsung,HTC and Sony are not involvement as hardware partner yet.

So how will Google set Android Silver apart from the Nexus line? Well, for one, you can stop expecting it to be priced in the same range, because the emphasis definitely is on the experience being premium. This could mean high-end materials for construction or specialised hardware. Android Silver is said to be coming to the United States and other developed markets first and unlike the Nexus range, it will be sold through in-store kiosks designed by Google. These have also been rumoured for a while, and could tie in to Google’s plans to create a retail presence for Android.