Google announced yesterday that it’s opening up its Explorer Program to more people. If you have $1,500 to burn and live in the US, you too can own one of the more controversial tech devices we’ve seen since perhaps the iPad.

Google Glass fans who have been salivating for the opportunity to buy one of the futuristic eyewear-mounted computers need wait no more. Google has announced that anyone in the United States can now buy a beta version Glass device as long as the company has them in stock.


This is not the long anticipated consumer release of Google Glass but an incremental expansion of the company’s Explorer Program, Google’s previously limited beta test to help developers create software for Glass and to find out more about how Glass works (or doesn’t) “in the wild.”

A report published last year by research firm Forrester suggests only 12% of US online consumers are interested in purchasing computerized eyewear. Another survey published last year by Bite Interactive found only 10% of Americans would wear Glass all the time. However, Bite’s survey also found that only 38% of Americans would not wear Glass even if they could afford it, raising the possibility that more than half of consumers would at least consider using Glass on occasion if they found its capabilities useful or compelling.