The new feature, called Ask, makes it possible for Facebook users to request certain information about friends that is not currently public on the site, including details like home town and job, but also relationship status – adding an increased dating aspect to the social network.

The feature cannot be turned off, and applies to every aspect of a friend’s profile that is not already public. A new Ask button appears next to any sections that haven’t been filled in. Clicking the button sends a request.

The moment you click on the Facebook Ask button, not only you have to answer that question, but you also need to provide an explanation WHY you chose not to reveal this information. While Facebook revealed that you have to be friends with someone before hitting the Facebook Ask button, users, however, does not have the right to remain anonymous the moment they started using Facebook Ask button.

“A Facebook representative responded to say that this ‘ask’ feature has been rolled out in waves to users since January, though when asked pointedly whether this was in the form of the obvious ‘ask’ button that is now live across the site, or previously reported functionality buried in users’ profiles, the representative was unable to clarify. Our additional questions about how ‘private’ response data would be handled, and why Facebook made the change, remained unanswered,” ArsTechnica reported.

If the Facebook Ask button is the way for the website to utilize social media even more, a lot of users are complaining that this feature seriously invades their privacy. After all, why would you have the “nerve” to ask about a person’s relationship status – as an example – if he/she chooses not to reveal anything about it despite being friends? Not only you are obliged to answer the enquiry but you also need to explain as if you just committed a crime and you owe the other party some reasoning!