Google has been courting the small-business crowd for some time now, and it may be about to sweeten its proposition with Wi-Fi.

The is reporting that the search giant is preparing to offer deeply discounted commercial-grade Wi-Fi hardware and software to small and medium-sized businesses as soon as this summer. The Information says it learned of the program via a leaked Google document and “a person briefed on the project.”

The new Wi-Fi program would be aimed at all kinds of small businesses, such as dentist offices to gyms, worldwide.

The plan is to get better Wi-Fi in the hands of these businesses in order to get more users working on Google apps and services, which ultimately means more customers spending more time engaging with Google’s money-making products, even when they’re away from their usual home and work Wi-Fi networks. This is the same team behind Google Fiber, the search giant’s high-speed net and TV service, which is being trialled in select markets across the U.S., The Information reports.

Google recently teamed up with Starbucks to power the Wi-Fi offered at the Seattle chain’s coffee houses, and I could definitely see El Goog working to help provide quality Wi-Fi to other businesses as well. Not only would the businesses benefit from the improved Wi-Fi access for its customers, but Google would likely gain additional info on users and and the searches conducted on those Wi-Fi networks.