It’s not every day you get to see a video that pulls on your heartstrings like this one. It shows Frostie, a disabled baby snow goat, slowly stepping out on his own with the use of a cool device.

Frostie was fitted with a wheelchair, which allows him to run around using his forelegs until he recovers the use of his legs, which should happen as the infection leaves his system.

The wheelchair was originally made for a baby pig named Leon Trotsky, now one month old, who was injured when his mother sat on him, crushing his hind legs.

The little pig, whom Ms Ahern says has ‘so much spunk’, has recovered enough that he was able to donate his wheelchair to his friend, Frostie, though Ms Ahern says that Leon is definitely ‘too fast for Frostie to keep up with him.’

Just recently, the kind folks at Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary, a not-for-profit sanctuary for rescued farm animals in Australia, saved baby Frostie.