Apple acquire location-based social search engine Spotsetter. Spotsetter’s iOS and Android app combines maps, business location info, user images and reviews to form a personalized recommendation engine across a user’s social network. The technology enables consumers to search for venues, or search by location, to read about their friends’ experiences.

Expected to give a facelift to its maps, Apple plans to make its local service more personalized by adding a social layer to it’s the app, generally regarded as inferior to Google Maps. Apple even faced protests when Apple made its own maps the default iPhone service in 2012.

Apple Maps app was ridiculed when it was launched in 2012 along with iOS 6. The Maps app replaced Google Maps that was included in previous versions of iOS. The Maps app received high criticism from users, which made Tim Cook issue a public apology and requested users to download alternate mapping services. Apple was able to rectify its mapping app to some extent but was not able to attract customers.

However, it seems that Apple does not want to lose out in the mapping app business and wants to get its Maps app up to the mark to get positive user attention. The acquisition of Spotsetter seems to be taking Apple Maps app in the right direction. Apple may be working on an improved mapping app and the acquisition of Spotsetter may help the company give stiff competition to other mapping apps such as Google Maps.

Apple has made over a dozen acquisitions over the past year, many of them being sizeable ones, including its latest acquisition of Beats Music for $3 billion.