Facebook says 1.3 Billion (40%) users are soccer fans. So FB added new feature for football lovers. Facebook users will be able to keep track of their favorite teams and players throughout the month-long tournament in a special World Cup section, called “Trending World Cup.”

Available on the Web as well as mobile devices, the hub will include the latest scores, game highlights as well as a feed with tournament-related posts from friends, players and teams. In addition, an interactive map will show where the fans of top players are located around the world.



Social media activity during big sporting events such as the Olympics and the Super Bowl has soared in recent years and should continue as user numbers grow. In 2010, when the last World Cup took place in Johannesburg, South Africa, Facebook had just 500 million users. Now there are just that many soccer fans (people who have “liked” a team or a player) on the site, the company says.



Twitter is even starting right with its sign-up form, giving people who make new accounts the ability to choose their team’s flag as their profile image. But the highlight of Twitter’s World Cup features is its dedicated timelines, which pull together tweets from major sources on the games.

Twitter on Tuesday launched a #WorldCup and #WorldCup2014 timeline that compiles tweets about the big soccer tournament from people you follow, teams, players, coaches, reporters and fans.

There’s also a new match timeline that focuses on specific matches, keeping track on goals, saves and fouls.

Twitter is also bringing back “hashflags,” which it introduced during the 2010 World Cup. A hashtag in front of a country’s three-letter code generates a flag icon that embeds in a tweet.