The Drafthouse Cinemas in US bans Google Glass in their cinema while the movie is playing due to piracy concerns.

Google Glass is just head wearable running Android, it has the same features one can find in a smartphone. It can help you navigate, take calls, or even send messages. However, since it has a camera pointing towards, it is being considered as a device that can breach your private space or do illegal things.

However, most people are unaware that Google Glass can be detected whether its active or not, a little glow over the glass in the Google Glass clearly makes anyone aware of it.

The ban will mostly make the people suffer who are having Google Glass with prescription lenses, only choice now left is to carry a separate pair of glasses. The theater officials said that the Google Glass are allowed in the auditorium till preview has not started.


Drafthouse Cinemas, which has 20 sites across the United States, said Google Glass users would not be allowed to use them while watching films. The company feared that the Glass will be used for illegal recording.