The British are trying to go above and beyond the Google Glass with this one. Say hello to the “MindRDR,” a biosensor strapped to your head. The creepy part? This ominous gadget is controlled by your thoughts.

The biosensor’s manufacturer, This Place, describes MindRDRs as “mind-controlled wearables” inspired by the Google Glass. The technology involves interplay between Google Glass and Neurosky EEG biosensor. As implied by the name, the devices are mind readers.

“We wondered what it would be like if you could control Glass with your mind,” Creative Director Chloe Kirton told the Register. “The human interface is getting in the way because of the need to move you arms, which seemed restrictive to people who maybe didn’t have that opportunity.”

Dusan Hamlin, the chief executive and founder of This Place, said in a statement that MindRDR could enable some people with disabilities to interact with the world using Google Glass. Current users either have to touch it or use voice commands to control the Glass, which can be restrictive for people with certain disabilities.

Here’s how the company claims it will work: Users will need to relax and concentrate when they are trying to take a picture, says the company. The app will analyze user’s brainwaves through the process, and when the level of focus crossed a threshold, MindRDR tells the Glass to snap a photo. The app will provide Glass wearers with visual feedback throughout the process, and demonstrate how close they are to taking a picture. If the user continue to concentrate, the app will tell the Glass to share the photo on social media.

The functionality is still limited since the headset’s biosensor can only measure some senses in the brain, not all. In addition, the app is not yet approved by Google.

“Google Glass cannot read your mind,” a Google spokesperson told The Washington Post in an e-mail statement, “This particular application seems to work through a separate piece of kit which you attach to Glass. We have not reviewed, nor approved the app so it won’t be available in the Glass app store. Of course, we are always interested in hearing about new applications of Glass, and we’ve already seen some great research from a variety of medical fields from surgery to Parkinson’s.”

The MindRDR app is free, but Glass and the biosensor together cost $1,838. The app is available for download on This Place’s GitHub page.