Top level talent is hard to come by in the tech sector, so it’s not unusual to see major players jump from one company to the next. It can sometimes be pretty cutthroat in Silicon Valley, though in other cases, engineers and other high level workers sometimes simply need a change after burying themselves in a project. We’re not sure which is the case for Dr. Babak Parviz, creator of Google Glass, but he’s jumping ship to go work for Amazon.

The news comes just after Parviz shared his view on Glass and the evolution of heads-up displays in general at last week’s Wearable Technology Conference.

“I founded and led a few efforts at Google (among them, Google Glass and Google Contact Lenses are public so far), prior to moving to Amazon and work on a few other things now,” Parviz stated.

We haven’t heard much about Google Contact Lenses lately, though the project sounded promising when first revealed. The idea was to embed a tiny computer chip inside the contact lens to monitor blood glucose levels in tears. This kind of continued monitoring would be help for diabetics.

Babak Parviz shared the news on his Google+ page on Saturday (via The Verge), but didn’t reveal any details about his new role at Amazon.