The social network announced Monday a new feature to bookmark articles, links or other content viewed on his website and you want to find later.

A few days after announcing the creation of the button “Buy” Facebook is about to start the backup function to maintain links seen on its pages, a virtual bookmark somehow. ”  Every day, people find all sorts of interesting things on Facebook they do not have the time to explore yet. Now we can save things found on Facebook to watch later when you have more time  , “said Daniel Giambalvo, an engineer of the social network, in a message posted on the band’s website.

The user is the only one who knows what content he decided to save unless they choose to share this information.

Facebook says the feature should be available “  in the coming days  ”for”  everyone  ”, which the user accesses the site from a standard web browser such as from a mobile device like the iPhone and the Apple iPad or using the Google Android software.
Facebook users connect more network from a smartphone and not necessarily stay there as long as when a computer. The new feature should be encouraged to return and spend more time on the network.
Facebook claimed in late March 1.28 billion monthly active users, of which 1.01 billion with mobile access.