On foot, by car, by public transport or by bicycle, Google Maps is now inevitable. And Google continues to tweak the app to one billion downloads. Its latest update for Android 8.2 the comes and propose some new handy for lovers of cycling. Like the famous Tour de France routes announcing the necks of different categories, Maps now offers relief to preview your route. An uneven curve (plus the minimum and maximum altitude) between your starting point and arrival immediately understand the difficulty or not you chosen route.

Well, hikers will find some interest, but this new feature specifically for roads, not trails. This is certainly a joy for cyclists around the world, particularly for climbers. For now, the feature is in beta but we tested some way and have suffered in some ribs perfectly noticed by the software.

Updating of Maps does not stop there. On the American version, it is now possible to query the voice app to ask questions such as ” how much is left of kilometers before the finish? “or” how much time is left before it this location ? “. In short, one can easily interact with the app and hold the handlebars. Very convenient for users to headset. But be careful though, the Android Police website has posted a video (see below), which shows that the program sometimes reluctant to answer questions anyway.