Visitors to this year’s gamescom in Cologne (13 to 17 July 2014) is the multiplayer part of the shooter Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare allowed to play.

This is evident from the current video episode of “eSports Report” produced by Major League Gaming. Statements of the According to the moderator of the “full multiplayer part” of Call of Duty is: Advanced Warfare playable. However, it is not yet known which platforms on each face version of the shooter will be available.

In addition, the developer will soon new details of the multiplayer part of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare announce. This was announced Glen Schofield of Sledgehammer Games now via Twitter to. A concrete date for this “revelation” is currently not yet fixed.

In Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare plays the story in 2052, despite the new universe, the basic story is the predecessors, however, very similar. Once again, the Western civilization is threatened by terrorists. This time we get there with an organization called KVA to do the same attacks perpetrated in several big cities. This may be the UNSC, the Security Council of the United Nations, of course, not responsible. You instruct the private military companies ATLAS with the solution of their terrorist problem.