In a decision released Tuesday, the German court gave the green light to three patients for the production of cannabis for therapeutic purposes.

Such authorization granted on an individual basis to persons with chronic pain. This is a victory in court for German supporters of the medical use of cannabis . The magistrates of the Cologne Administrative Court, arguing seriatim, have vindicated Tuesday in three of five patients with chronic pain who had filed an appeal against the Federal Institute of the drug effect. An organization that refused those patients who can not afford to buy cannabis, cultivated for treatment.

If three patients had the green light of justice, two others received an end of inadmissibility. A decision justified by the justice in that, in the first case, the patient could not guarantee that no third party has access to cultivated plants. The second rejection was motivated by the fact that the patient had not yet exhausted all treatment options. Rejected by the courts, both patients have one month to appeal to the Administrative Court of Cologne.

The legislation evolved in many Western countries on the therapeutic use of marijuana, which relieves including patients with cancer, glaucoma, AIDS, hepatitis C or even Parkinson’s disease. If Belgium or Switzerland and Germany allow the use of cannabis for medical purposes as appropriate, France remains adamant about it. Only victory for advocates of this treatment, the authorization granted in January 2014 for the placing on the market Sativex , a drug derived from cannabis and for people suffering from multiple sclerosis.