Through a partnership with VivaLnk for adhesive tattoos that last five days.¬†Wednesday, Motorola launched its “electronic tattoo” that unlocks the phone Moto X through casual contact, without having to return a PIN fifty times a day.

Rest assured, this is not a permanent tattoo. In fact, it is not even really a tattoo but a flexible electronic circuit printed on an adhesive manufactured by VivaLnk in partnership with Google. As a Navigo pass, it communicates with the smartphone via RFID (Near Field Communication) technology. In case of theft, it is possible to disable the system.

According to Motorola, each tattoo takes about five days and can even survive a daily shower. The price? Ten dollars pack of ten. This represents an annual budget of about $ 75.

For now, the technology is not available in the United States and only works with the Moto X, but other devices will soon enjoy. For those who prefer jewelry, other formats exist in ring, especially .