The Prime Minister will be reuniting a 26-year-old Nepalese youth Jeet Bahadur with his family after over 16 years. Mr. Modi has brought along with him Bahadur whom he had accidentally found in bad condition in Ahmedabad about 16 years back then looked after him.


Describing Nepal as a close friend and neighbour, he had said, “We have had the privilege of being a leading partner in Nepal’s socio-economic development. We are committed to continuing our support to Nepal in its development efforts.” Modi’s Nepal visit will also unite a youth with his family.

26-year-old Jeet Bahadur, who came in contact with Modi in Ahmedabad over a decade back and was since looked after by him, is travelling with the Prime Minister to Kathmandu to be personally handed over to his mother and elder brother.

the Prime Minister had said, “Years back, I met a child Jeet Bahadur in a helpless condition. He knew nothing, where to go, what to do. He did not know anybody, nor did he understand the language.” “Guided by God, I started thinking about him. Gradually, he developed interest in studies and playing. He also learned Gujarati language,” Modi had said.

The Prime Minister said sometime back, he was able to locate Bahadur’s parents. “This was possible because he (Bahadur) has six fingers in his foot.” “Thankfully, we were able to locate his parents. I am glad that the parents would be reunited with their son,” he had said.