Last week, Aamir Khan made headlines and set twitter updates ringing as he unveiled the first look of his next film PK. The poster of the film which features Aamir Khan standing nude with just a radio to cover his modesty set off a chain reaction. While some hailed Aamir Khan for his unconventional approach to film promotion, others took to ridiculing the actor for resorting to cheap thrills. However, the highlight was the announcement that as a part of the film promotions, a talking standee of the same poster would be used at theatres.

A group of women lodged a complaint to the police regarding the poster following which the talking standee of Khan’s “P.K.” avatar had to be taken off from Mumbai Gaiety-Galaxy theatres.

“A policeman told me that I need to remove the standee. I didn’t want the situation to get out of hand and obliged. I don’t understand why a star like Aamir resorted to such publicity,” Manoj Desai, the theatre owner said.

The group apparently opined that such obscene images should not be displayed for public viewing. Desai continued, “Such objections are bound to be raised. I noticed that most women turn their eyes away when faced with the poster.”