Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday met BJP veteran L.K. Advani after he and Congress MPs disrupted the Lok Sabha demanding a debate on communal violence. Rahul expressed his displeasure to him about the opposition allegedly not being allowed to speak in Parliament.

Rahul and Advani are believed to have had a chance interaction in the corridor of Parliament after Lok Sabha witnessed uproar when Congress and other opposition parties were demanding urgent discussion on communal incidents in the country. Rahul was in the forefront in making the demand and even entered the Well of the House.

After they came face-to-face, Rahul is understood to have told the BJP patriarch that his party is not being allowed to speak on issues, sources said.

Jaitley hit back saying: “The question is why has the Congress party made an issue out of a non-issue? The reason is very clear to me. A section of the leadership of the Congress party, because of its inability to lead, has been under pressure.”

Unsparing in his criticism of the party, Jaitley added, “They have been facing a palace coup. It’s a coup within their own party. Day after day, established leaders of the party are speaking out. It’s an internal compulsion within the party. For that, you need not drag the House or the presiding officer into the debate.”

“If you want to show yourself as doing something, it will be better if you lead your own party rather than develop contrived aggression against the functioning of the House itself, which otherwise has been functioning well,” he said.

Jaitley also stressed that it was time for the Congress party to introspect.