Actor Ajay Devgn believes that his upcoming movie “Singham Returns,” a sequel to hit 2011 action film “Singham,” would take anti-corruption sentiments to a high among people.

Devgn, 45, said that audiences would appreciate the movie, its story and the drama.

“The characters are the same but the rest is different in the movie, which is more realistic, has more drama and more real-like actions and I believe that people would connect themselves with the movie,” Devgn told reporters here.

Kareena, one of Bollywood’s leading ladies, was quite obviously the center of attention. However, the actress was nowhere to be seen in the posters and trailer of the film, triggering speculation that it she may not have a very big role to play in the film. Putting all such rumours to rest, she said, “Of course, the spotlight is on Ajay as he’s the main character in the film. And considering it’s a Rohit Shetty film with Ajay as the lead, there is bound to be a lot of action, but I do have a relevant role. I don’t think I have been sidelined at all – afterall, even Ironman needs a Gwyneth Paltrow.”

With 2011 film Singham turning out to be a blockbuster, the pressure Ajay admits that shooting for a sequel was even more challenging. “Of course it was very challenging since Singham had turned out to be a such a big film. We have now made this one bigger and better,” said Ajay.

“It is not a remake of any South Indian movie, but has a fresh story. This time we have tried to keep it more realistic and it will be more aggressive than the first one.” he added.