Samsung has been suffering a bad few months. Profits are down (even though it’s making a lot of money), and smartphones the one category they have relied on for explosive growth has slowed to a crawl in many markets.

The reason of this change can be due to the monotonous work culture and standards, which might lead to boredom of staff. The fact that today Samsung is a leading company in the globe for its electronics, the company wishes to retain its workers, who have equally contributed to this success.

The barrage of cheap, and for a change good, smartphones has given buyers new options. The reluctance to change its designs and push ahead with innovation has also not helped Samsung’s case, especially at a time when consumers are spoilt for choice and are more demanding than ever before.

Apple is also charging a premium for its devices and has not really pushed the envelope as far as innovation is concerned, but it has been guarded to an extent by the lack of choice with the products it offers.

Samsung still lords over the smartphone segment in a lot of markets. And there are already signs that it is trying to woo the value-conscious customers.

Last month, Samsung recorded a slump in the second-quarter earnings.

As per sources, Harvard-educated Jay Y. Lee, apparent heir of Chairman Lee Kun-hee, who is in hospital after suffered a heart attack in May, can be a relief for the company. But, implementing a comprehensive change would be a tougher task that might prove to be a bigger mistake.