Smartphone camera makers eying cars, vehicles to expand further. This is because of the fact that smartphone market is slowing down.

The demand for in-vehicle technology is rapidly on the rise and it makes sense for these companies to expand their businesses in the new sector.

According to reports, high-end automobiles may soon come fitted with more than half a dozen cameras to help kick emergency brakes into action or visually aid parking. South Korean firm Mcnex, which is the country’s biggest car camera maker and supplier of phone lenses to Samsung, says that auto manufacturers may have to fit 12 cameras per vehicle if they are planning to replace side-view mirrors with camera.

Similar technology is bound to trickle down to cheaper cars too and if this happens, the market need for vehicle cameras could rise by 7 times from 2011 to almost $6.6 billion in 2018, says The Times of India who got this tidbit from Techno Systems Research. So camera makers are less likely to be hit very hard by sliding cell phone sales.

If driver-less cars like the ones Google is building enter commercial production, then smartphone camera companies will have even wider opportunities before them. After all, a vehicle laden with sensors and lenses is going to need much more than a dozen cameras to function safely.