Links Japanese port city of Tottori and Matsue City County River Island Bridge has recently become a new tourist hotspot. Japan’s Kyodo News reported on February 19, which is due to introduce industrial companies in Japan, Daihatsu mini-car TV ad called steep slope. However, if the throttle is too large it may be speeding, local calls for people to drive safely.

The bridge is also known as ‘Betabumizaka’ meaning ‘Acceleration¬†Bridge’ for its steep slope.¬†River Island Bridge is about 1446 meters, about 44 meters high, 5,000-ton bridge for ships through. Matsue slope side of 6.1 percent, rising to about 100 meters per forward six meters. Sakaiminato on the bridge from the side, from the “top of the bridge,” overlooking the lake can be in the panoramic view of the sea, the beauty of dusk is also very famous.

Daihatsu television advertising aimed at propaganda of cars on steep slopes can easily travel. Other candidates filmed there Hokkaido Hakodate Hachiman Osaka and Nagasaki Holland Osaka, but ultimately River Island Bridge because of its strong sense of the impact comparable to the CG to the fore. Official said: “I hope everyone traveling slowly and enjoy the scenery along the way.”

Different angle images of the bridge: