Imagine sitting on a plane, hurtling through the air at almost 900 kilometres per hour, with a 360-degree panoramic view of the atmosphere around you – but the plane has no windows whatsoever.

Paris-based design company Technicon Design has come up with a concept for a windowless private jet that would provide passengers with high-res panoramic images inside the cabin, instead of the average cloud-filled window views.

The private jet, dubbed the IXION airplane, would have cameras mounted on the outside of the plane to capture its surroundings and project it on the inside of the cabin walls.

Passengers would feel as if they were riding a see-through jet.

“The user experience is greatly enhanced by directly engaging the passengers with the environment outside, to the point of exhilaration by giving an unhindered panoramic view from the inside,” said Gareth Davies, Design Director at Technicon, in a press release.

In addition to displaying the current exterior environment, the screens can also be programmed to show any scenery you’d like. So as you fly, you can adjust the theme and mood to feel as if you’re in a rainforest, in Paris, or even in space. The technology also allows for onscreen display, meaning that in-flight video conferencing would be possible as well.