Hundreds of thousands of people flee Syria before the IS-militias in Turkey. 130,000 according to official figures have already crossed the border. It threatens genocide. The PKK calls Turkish Kurds for resistance to the IS. According to the BBC Ankara has begun to suggest the border again. Turkey gets into the maelstrom of war.
The plight of the Syrian-Turkish border: Hundreds of thousands of Kurds have fled. Just 15 kilometers from Turkish territory, the raging battles. The Syrian-Kurdish fighters were hopelessly inferior to all appearances. According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights conquered IS-fighter since Thursday around 60 villages in the Kurdish areas in northern Syria and pushed back Kurdish fighters. The aim of the IS offensive is the Kurdish town of Ain ​​al-Arab near the border with the neighboring country.

According to the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) Hundreds of thousands are on the run. According to data from Ankara 130,000 people of Syria have taken refuge in Turkey in the past few hours.

The UN said so far some 100,000 Syrian Kurds in Turkey.The authorities called on residents to help the exhausted people. It takes mostly water. The stress is extreme for the areas in eastern Turkey. During the civil war in Syria, 1.5 million people have already come across the border.

Because of the dramatic situation of the Turkish government had opened on weekends the limit for refugees, but consistently spoken of an “exception”. As BBC reported, citing the UNHCR on Monday, seven out of nine additions now tight again.

Whether refugees are thus automatically rejected, at present it is impossible to tell. Still, that was the practice of the Turkish authorities before the border was opened on Friday. Turkey had for days sent back protection seekers.

The main reason for the decision are obviously two reasons: First, Turkey sees already overloaded in their capacities. However, the government announced on Monday that the country was prepared to take hundreds of thousands more refugees.

Even more problems preparing the Turkish government, the PKK: The Forbidden Kurdistan Workers’ Party calls the Kurds in Turkey to fight Islamic state (IS). On Sunday it was near the border clashes with the police, presumably because Kurdish fighters trying to cross the border towards Syria.

“There is no limit in the resistance more”, which is why a “mobilization” was needed, it is now in a PKK announcement, the pro-Kurdish Firat news agency quoted from on Monday. On Sunday, it was said, several hundred fighters had gathered at Kobane, a town near the border.

Limits threaten auzulösen

The PKK declared the limits for dissolved – that would mean for Turkey, that it is more and more drawn into the fighting. Even the IS had taken no account of limitations in his approach.

The PKK already fighting in the north of Iraq on the part of the Kurdish peshmerga against the jihadists after the beginning of August Kurds from Iraq, Turkey and Syria launched a joint offensive against the extremists.

In the Syrian Kurdish areas, the Democratic Union Kurdish Party leads (PYD) in the fight against the IS-militias. She is the sister party of the Syrian PKK.

Kurds throw Ankara intend to make a pact with the IS

The PKK representatives Dursun Kalkan shouted Firat in a Belgian TV station all Kurds to join together. “The Kurdish youth especially, the women must confront these attacks,” Kalkan said.

He accused Turkey of “collaboration” with the IS-militia before, because Ankara had territorial ambitions in Iraq and Syria. Turkey had been retained in the fight against the jihadists, the 46 Turkish diplomats and nationals held since June in Mosul Iraqi hostage before they released her on Saturday.

Turkey needs to decide what role it plays

Is now Turkey war party? So far, it has retained stresses from consideration for the hostages in the conflict. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry was looking for military partners in the alliance against the IS has always only evasive answers. But now the hostages are free and Ankara could position itself more clearly.

Erdogan himself recently completed a more active participation of his country no longer explicitly from. At a meeting with the freed hostages, he said on Sunday that Turkey had previously want to answer relevant inquiries of the allies out of consideration for the lives of the prisoners “not immediately” Yes. Whether this will change now, he did not say.

In Turkey, however, circulating speculation that the Turkish government could have the hostages bought by concessions to the IS. The government keeps a low profile. “There are things that we can not talk,” Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Sunday. “We need to protect sensitive matters. Unless you do that, you have to pay a price.”