With biscuits and tea specially for babies parents want their kids to do something good. But Food Watch warns of the consequences of consumption. Many products are classified as too sweet and too high in calories.

The promote the products, for example, as “full meals”, the “tailored to the special nutritional needs of their babies” are. THe opposite is the case, Foodwatsch: promote overfeeding and tooth decay because of their carbohydrate content The often marketed as child-friendly and healthy biscuits, pastes, drinking meals and infant teas.

The organization calls for stricter laws. You should ensure that only those products may be referred to as infant food that meet the recommendations of experts. “Many foods offered as baby products be contrary to the nutritional or medical recommendations for infants,” said Food Watch.

Food Watch received support in his campaign by doctors, including representatives of the Federal Chamber of Dentists. Their Vice President Dietmar Oesterreich declared in Berlin: “Early childhood caries in the first years of life is in Germany on the rise is to blame, not least, the frequent administration of sweet drinks or sweet snacks, because they cause tooth decay already at the first teeth..”

The physician and director of the Department of Paediatrics at the University Hospital Leipzig warned that the diet in the first months of life is formative and influencing the future eating habits of a person. “Therefore, it is important to avoid excessive┬áInstant food┬áin infancy. This should take account of infant formula,” said the doctor.
This becomes particularly evident as the carbohydrate drinking meals. It is milk-cereal mixtures for feeding with bottles. Already in 2007 the German Society for Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine (DGKJ) had the products criticized as “unacceptable” and called for an immediate cessation of sales. There is a risk of relining, also the bottle feeding anterior caries could promote.

Promote tooth decay

Food Watch also warned of the products sold by multiple vendors infant biscuits. You have some sugar content from 14.6 to 25 percent, manufacturers would advertise the pastry still as perfect snack. Porridge also contained therefore often relatively much sugar.